India is a country with a wealth of culinary diversity that mirrors its cultural, ethnic, and religious complexities. There is the heterogeneity of flavor between the east, west, north, and the south, with each region offering its own distinctive culinary characteristics. India has been considered the spice capital of the world since ancient times.

Here at the Aroma circuit, we incorporate the subtle offerings from each of these regional Indian Cuisines, creating delicacies centered in flavor and aroma with a  delicate fusion of freshly ground spices.

Our Mission

Our service is centered on the age-old saying “Athidhi Devo Bhava”, which translates to “Guest is God”. We strive to ensure our guests get the quality they deserve.

We want to inspire your palate and bring you to a fun, unique world of aroma and flavor. All our ingredients, including spices, are carefully sourced and are of the highest quality.

Every dish we prepare is tailored to your taste and spice preference, making sure that any dietary requirements are met. Assuredly, any recipe can be made vegan, Gluten-Free or Lactose-Free without compromising on flavor.

Our Vision

We want to partner with you in creating a place of gathering to celebrate life (food) and build fond memories with the finest cuisine. Our efforts are aligned with the drive to sustainably grow with the community and share the rich cultural and culinary diversity of India.

Come enjoy authentic Indian cuisine with rich flavors from all parts of India and experience our utmost hospitality!